Wed, 13 Apr 11

I Have Moved

I have moved to a swanky new website – – for all things relating to financial planning.

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Sat, 2 Apr 11

No Accountability

Pru chief paid £4.7m for 2010

Any firm that loses £377 million due to a poorly thought out takeover where these losses could have been avoided should at the very least show restraint from rewarding failure.

As usual shareholders and policyholders pay the price of poor management while those paid to act in their best interests retain all the usual rewards regardless of success or failure.

Sun, 13 Feb 11

A Tiny Untainted Bit

I just finished my induction programme at my new company and it has been a great experience thus far. The quality and depth of the information provided and the discussion we had were truly fitting for real financial planning skills to be cultivated, and ethics were not a touch-and-go subject, but a much emphasized topic, with the firm going as far as to subject itself to higher regulatory standards to ensure that clients’ interests are kept as the priority. This is a stark contrast to what I have experienced so far in the industry, where salesmanship is the main (and often only) skill developed, and ethics were merely paid lip service.


Tue, 8 Feb 11

1.6 Decades

During my search for my new firm to join, I realised something that has became a recurring thing amongst advisers within the Financial Adviser firms – Their stories of untying themselves and leaving their previous captive companies. He left after 7 years at Company N, she left after 11 years at Company A, and yet another left after 13 years at Company G. Different details here and there, but the essence of the story did not differ.


Sun, 26 Dec 10

Doctors and Medicine

Would you visit a doctor if all he could prescribe you were antibiotics for flu regardless of your illness?

The question I had for myself was, “do I want to be that kind of doctor?” The more patients I met, the more it became clear to me that they had all kinds of health conditions that required different prescriptions and treatments. All I had were some flu pills and maybe cough tablets which were grossly insufficient to meet my patients’ needs.

Fri, 24 Dec 10

A Short Note on “Buy Term Invest the Rest”

“Buy term invest the rest” (BTIR) refers to a strategy adopted in place of permanent or whole life insurance policies. The general idea is that one purchases pure protection in form of a term policy which is more affordable than a whole life policy, and invests the savings. Over the period of the term policy which would last for a few decades depending on the insured’s requirements, the sum invested will accumulate to a fund sufficient for self-insurance and/or retirement.

I believe it to be a sound strategy, but I am not a die-hard BTIR proponent which some have probably mistaken me to be.

Sun, 19 Dec 10

Not in Kansas Anymore

I looked through some old photos – a surefire way of getting myself in a mopey, nostalgic mood. In any case I think I’ve done what I could in trying to erase away some unhappiness I have indadvertedly caused through things that were either misunderstood or taken out of context. People who know me well will and have already understood where I am coming from. I am saddened by those who don’t, but I just don’t have the energy to explain myself further.

Maybe I’ll know better next time not to post cryptic, ambiguous comments.

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Fri, 17 Dec 10

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